S50 Elite

Seeing clinicians’ key wants and tasks, S50 ELITE redefines the spectrum of patient care in its segment, especially for OB/GYN applications. To create an easy pathway to exciting ultrasound experience, S50 ELITE provides a delicate combination of outstanding clinical precision, elevated productivity and thoughtful workflow. It is our belief and faith to serve clinicians with fast and reliable diagnosis capability and S50 ELITE is the answer. Potent CPU+GPU Core Integrated with upgraded hardware platform, the processing capability and efficiency of S50 ELITE are boosted by several times*; therefore, users are given an enhancing scanning with accelerated imaging and exquisite clarity. Quadruple Data Processing Competence Decuple Response Rate Double System Frame Rate High-performance Transducers Single Crystal Convex C1-6 Perfect uniformity of crystal alignment generates pure imaging with better penetration and higher S/N ratio, especially for difficult patients mainly in abdominal and OB applications. Single Crystal Sector S1-5 Innovative single crystal material effectively enhances energy transmission and elevates spatial resolution for better clarity, mainly for cardiology and transcranial applications. Composite Crystal Linear Transducers Better acoustic spectrum and lower acoustic impedance technology serve well in vascular, breast, thyroid, MSK, etc. The combo of 12L-A, 12L-B, 9L-A covers an ultra-wide frequency bandwidth, leaving nearly no blind spot for all sorts of scanning. Ultra-light Crafted Volume VC2-9 Reduced weight, ultra-wide bandwidth, exquisite resolution and penetration at high volume rate, VC2-9 is a one-probe-solution throughout nearly the entire pregnancy. Lucid Imaging μScan+ Available for both B and 3D/4D modes, the new generation μScan+ provides you authentic presentation of details and lesion display through speckle reduction and enhanced border continuity. SR-Flow Highly effective filter technology visualizes slow flows, enabling a vivid Doppler display with high sensitivity. Micro F Micro F provides an innovative method to expand the range of visible flow in ultrasound, especially for visualizing hemodynamic of tiny vessels. Bright Flow 3D-like color Doppler flow strengthens boundary definition of vessel walls, without the need of using volume transducer. S-Fetus Realize automatic standard plane acquisition and measurement through AI technologies with just one click. Common fetal biometry results are generated, accurately and efficiently. Auto OB A deep learning based method helps to obtain fetal biometry efficiently. Consistent results also reduce user-dependent variability. Auto NT It provides semi-automatic and standardized measurements of the nuchal translucency thickness in 2D image and reduces operator dependency on the results. Auto Bladder One key bladder wall tracing and volume measurement provides more accurate contour and results, regardless bladder shape and size. Auto EF Auto EF calculates ejection fraction based on left ventricular wall tracing and Simpson’s rule. Simplified workflow saves more time and efforts. Auto Face Auto Face optimizes 3D fetal face display for easier anomalies diagnosis, by removing occlusions and artifacts. Auto B/C Imaging parameter adjustment is now no more done in a laborious manner. Auto B/C helps to optimize the image quality under B and color Doppler mode within just one click. AVC Follicle High efficiency of follicle analysis is achieved by AVC Follicle, a volume-data based automatic follicular calculation including the number and volume. Talented Features CEUS with MFI Enhanced perfusion display traces small bubble populations, even in low-perfused and peripheral regions. MFI-Time MFI Time provides a color coded parametric view, indicating the uptake time of contrast agents in different perfusion phases to better differentiate tissues. It effectively helps to see the tumor blood flow distribution. Strain Elastography Strain elastography offers a real-time tissue stiffness assessment displayed as a color map to detect potential abnormalities within normal tissue. Available on linear, convex and transvaginal transducers to cover a wide range of regions. Semi-quantitative analysis based on strain ratio between the lesion and normal tissue is able to show the relative stiffness of the lesion. Vis-Needle Improved accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis are possible with beam steering added to Vis-Needle, which provides enhanced visibility of the needle shaft and needle tip to assist with safe and accurate interventions such as nerve blocks. S-Live & S-Live Silhouette S-Live allows for detailed visualization of subtle anatomical features with movable virtual light source, while S-Live Silhouette provides a unique transparent volume image for a more comprehensive internal and external view of the anatomy, both thereby enabling intuitive diagnosis with real-time 3D images and enriching patient communication. Color 3D Available on color and power Doppler mode, Color 3D applies advanced rendering, including S-Live, S-Live Silhouette, etc., to blood flow to produce more intuitive and natural hemodynamics of vascular networks, like umbilical cords. Spatio-temporal Image Correlation (STIC) Achieves fast acquisition and moving detection of fetal anatomy structures, helping to diagnose fetal congenital heart disease. Pelvic Floor Imaging Working in conjunction with specialized transvaginal probes, both 2D and volume imaging are available with thorough evaluation in viewing pelvic anatomy like muscles, bladder, uterus, etc. 4D Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) Real-time 4D HyCoSy facilitates gynecological exams for fallopian tube patency assessment in an intuitive and confident way and enhances the 3D display of uterus and fallopian tubes morphology. In addition, real-time perfusion process is clearly visible for more information on the precise diagnosis of tubal patency. Stress Echo A straightforward template for clinicians to conduct stress echo exam. Professional wall motion bulls-eye scoring and reporting provides visualized and intuitive results. Myocardium Quantitative Analysis (MQA) Precise quantitative measurement on myocardial mechanics is achieved by MQA based on real-time sensitive wall motion tracking. It provides global and regional assessment including strain, strain rate, displacement, velocity, etc. LVO S50 Elite’s enhanced capabilities allow for LV opacification during stress exam to enhance discrimination between myocardial tissue and blood pool, providing better visualization of the endocardia border display especially for difficult patients. Pleasing Design The design of S50 Elite took operational use into consideration, creating a comfortable diagnosing environment. Ergonomic design, excellent man-machine interaction and rapid response ensure S50 Elite a better user experience, bringing improved efficiency and helping to prevent fatigue from multiple examinations. Sono-Help Sono-Help is an inspiring tutorial displaying probe placement, anatomy illustration and standard ultrasound image examples. As a useful reference less experienced clinicians could rely on, Sono-Help covers a variety of applications including liver, kidney, cardiac, breast, thyroid, obstetrics, vascular, etc. Sono-Assistant Sono-assistant guides clinicians through the entire exam and provides customizable scanning protocol helps streamline workflow while increasing standardization and reducing keystrokes and exam time. Sono-Drop Sono-drop provides a fast and convenient ultrasound image transmission between S50 Elite and the patients’ smart devices. The bond between clinicians and patients are supposed to be strengthened through more frequent communication. Sono-Synch Real-time interface and camera sharing, enabled by Sono-synch, makes it possible to connect two ultrasound in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.