PlanMill® 50 S

The 5-axis Planmeca PlanMill® 50 S unit is a powerful choice for wet and dry milling discs and blocks. Equipped with a high-speed spindle and automatic changer for 12 tools, the powerful milling unit has been designed specifically for dental labs. Planmeca PlanMill 50 S can be used to mill discs, blocks and prefabricated titanium or cobalt chrome abutments. The unit is capable of both wet and dry milling of indications – such as various dental restorations, bite splints and dental models. Restorations designed with the Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium software can be directly launched to Planmeca PlanCAM™ – the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S unit’s software that is easy to use and supports all open STL files.