Classe L9™ Series

7” touch screen for the Full Touch Multimedia control panel. The dentist can easily set the features of the operating unit, customize the parameters of all integrated devices, control the chair movements and manage the hygiene devices. The data of conservative, endodontic and implant works is given in real time for precise control by the dentist during treatment. Turbine, micromotor, scaler, curing light and intraoral camera settings can be adjusted for specific dentistry specialisations. An intraoral camera or curing light can be added as the sixth instrument. Endodontic specialization has the benefit of a complete work system combining a dedicated micromotor equipped with Autostop, Autoreverse and Autoforward functions, a database of endodontic files and an optional apex locator. All of these can be precision-controlled via the Full Touch panel. Essential data is displayed during treatment, ensuring complete control. The software automatically sets torque and speed; alternatively, dentists can set values according to personal requirements. A broad selection of integrated hygiene systems ensures workplace safety. Safety for patients, personnel and the dentist. In addition to automatic devices that prevent contamination of internal ducting, the design features effectively minimise the risk of cross-contamination. The colour LCD control panel gives the user full control over sanitisation cycle progress.