Classe A3™ Series

The new instrument panel can be used to manage the unit’s operation modes and the parameters of each instrument, adapting them to the operator’s needs: the lightweight, compact i-MMr micromotor can be set to reach speeds between 100 and 40,000 rpm. the scaler is adjustable to maximum power allowing the operator to find a good balance between fast scaling times and a good level of comfort for the patient. all information relating to the instrument settings is displayed on the alphanumeric display. Continental:---The redesigned dentist’s module and arms system allows the operator to work in any operating position. Classe A3 Plus responds ergonomically to every clinical need. New instrument lever design - with shorter vertical footprint to reduce interference with the operating light and ensure increased instrument outreach. International:---Modern design and smart arrangement of the instruments for improved ergonomic usability: holding the handpieces is easy in any operating position.