Dental Unit Upholsteries™

Planmeca dental units stand out. They are equipped with beautiful dental unit upholsteries that provide comfort and give clinics a personal touch – leading to improved treatment outcomes. Both upholstery options are available in a wide range of inspiring colours. 1.Ultra Relax™ |----| Made of extremely durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam, our Ultra Relax™ upholstery adapts perfectly to a patient’s body shape – allowing them to stay relaxed even during the longest treatment sessions. 2.Comfy™ |----| Our Comfy™ upholstery is made of durable artificial leather. Its thin shape makes it easy for users to reach the treatment area, while its seamless design ensures easy upkeep and enhanced infection control. COLOR ----> Our dental unit upholsteries come in an extensive selection of vibrant colours. There is something for everyone – allowing you to find the exact tone to perfectly complement the rest of your clinic.