The Planmeca Solanna™ dental unit operating light provides perfect visibility over the entire treatment area – with the brightness and colour temperature of your choice. The light’s beautiful and effortless movements allow smooth positioning in all situations. Planmeca Solanna’s advanced LED technology and unique mirror optics guarantee uniform light intensity and minimised shadows, regardless of the distance from the treatment area. The dental unit operating light's large illumination field provides excellent visibility to every corner of the treatment area, minimising the need to adjust the light head during treatments. The beam’s sharp edges make the light eye-friendly for patients. Planmeca Solanna’s smoothly moving light head caters to the needs of users of all sizes – sitting or standing. The light head’s three-axis movement makes it easy and effortless to position and the exceptionally long arm enables optimal working conditions for operations of all kind. Planmeca Solanna’s light intensity can be adjusted flexibly between 8,000 and 50,000 lux, with three colour temperature options – warm, neutral and cool. The light’s composite mode enables safe use of composite materials and prevents pre-polymerisation.