Compact™ i3

We believe that great ergonomics, a smooth workflow and ease of use should be a necessity, not a luxury. The small, swift and clever Planmeca Compact™ i3 is a truly flexible unit that allows both right and left-handed dental professionals to work comfortably in any position. Planmeca Compact i3 has been designed to simplify everyday dentistry. Equipped with an intuitive touch panel, the dental unit guides you in your preferred language. Thanks to the simplicity of the unit’s design, external infection control procedures are also easy to perform. The unit can be customised to individual preferences and upgraded with the features of your choice, such as an integrated intraoral scanner. Planmeca Compact i3 can be switched from right to left-hand use in just 10 seconds simply by moving the instrument console − without having to move the operating light. This makes it a practical solution for all clinics where several dentists use the same dental unit and space is limited. Planmeca Compact i3 fits into any clinic layout and offers plenty of working space around it, allowing you to work comfortably whether sitting or standing. The small instrument console can be positioned above the patient, making it easier to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the day. The unit’s swivel function can be used to make fine adjustments according to your preferences.