X-Mind prime 2D is the latest addition to ACTEON’s panoramic imaging product line. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. With X-Mind prime 2D, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis. X-Mind prime 2D is a lightweight and compact system that can fit into virtually any dental office. With its intelligent, wall-mounted design, the unit takes up zero floor space. Because the unit is delivered preassembled to the office, it can be installed by a single technician in under an hour, so it is up and running and does not interfere with office production. 2D DIAGNOSIS IS MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN EVER WITH A SMART AND COMPACT SOLUTION X-Mind prime 2D is now available in a brand new version with Cephalometric arm, which expands the fields of application of the device to orthodontics. Premiering in September 2020, the new CEPH configuration now completes the ACTEON X-MIND PRIME family, keeping the same key concepts of the other members: X-MIND PRIME devices are designed to fit any environment with their minimalistic and compact design which, combined with its outstanding ease of operation, provides to the operator and to the patient the best exam experience.