Coupled with the new Bien-Air Micro-Series instruments, you will benefit from a unit that is 30% shorter and 23% lighter than previous generation. The result is unparalleled balance and comfort, constant power, perfect control of the speed, torque and reversal of the direction of rotation. Thanks to Smart-Logic electronic control, the MX2 is exceptionally stable and powerful, even at low speeds (100 rpm). This means just two instruments are required to carry out all operations. The MX2 LED proves itself to be the ideal companion for endodontics. Like any other electric micromotor, brushless micromotors consist of a rotor and a stator. Unlike the brush micromotor, the rotor consists of a permanent magnet, while the coils are mounted to the stator. The mechanical switching function, implemented by the brush and collector combination in a carbon brush-type micromotor, is replaced by a sophisticated electronic drive that became possible only with the development of high-speed and powerful microprocessors. The electronic drive creates a rotating electric field in the stator that interacts with the permanent magnet. MCX LED---> Up to 40% shorter and 33% lighter. With adjustable LED light, it is the smallest and lightest brushless micromotor ever designed by Bien-Air. Use it with the new Micro-Series instruments for a micromotor/instrument assembly that's even smaller than a turbine, guaranteeing unbeatable performance. With the MCX and Micro-Series you benefit from unprecedented grip and balance, guaranteeing more precise control and less fatigue at the end of the day. Thanks to its Smart Logic electronic control, power automatically adapts to variations in pressure. This means precise and constant power without the slightest jolt. Its lifetime-lubricated ball bearings make the MCX maintenance-free. MX-I LED---> These are the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market. With their Chiropro L, iChiropro, Chiropro 3rd Gen and Chiropro PLUS 3rd Gen control units, MX-i LED micromotors are redefining standards in implantology. MX-i LED micromotors are first and foremost a model of stability. At both high and low speeds, they offer enhanced working comfort and their high torque copes with the most complex implant insertion procedures. Depending on the desired speed, the power is constantly adapted in order to provide the optimum result. This is thanks to Smart Logic technology. MX-i LED micromotors are available in two different versions adapted to suit the user's needs: non-self-cooled for implantology procedures, and self-cooled for implantology procedures and oral surgery. Finally, MX-i LED micromotors are equipped with adjustable LED lighting, providing the contra-angle handpiece with intense, natural and constant light at both high and low speeds. Not only are MX-i LED micromotors the most powerful implantology micromotors on the market, they are also the lightest. 3-year warranty.