CA 1:2 5

The new CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series is the gold standard contra-angle for surgery and periodontics. Thanks to its speed increasing ratio, the CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series can be used for a wide range of clinical applications : wisdom tooth extraction, apicectomy, crown lengthening and hemisection. With the irrigation line routed inside the CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series, you have complete freedom of movement, with nothing to obstruct your handling of the instrument. Connected to the MX-i PLUS micromotor, the CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series offers you perfect balance and unrivalled ease of use. Multi-strand optical glass technology CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series Transmission ratio 1:2.5 Maximum speed (rpm) 100’000 Head - Head diameter (mm) 9.8 Head size (mm) 15.5 (22.9 mm with bur 19 mm) Weight (g) 82 Noise level (dBa) 57 Spray system 2 x 3 separate air/water sprays Lighting system Multi-strand optical glass technology Coupling ISO 3964 & Bien-Air Micro-Series Warranty 1  year  Reference CA 1:2.5 L Micro-Series 1601055-001