Planmeca Promax 2D S2 - S3

Planmeca ProMax® 2D are complete units for maxillofacial imaging. Their design and operation principles are based on the latest scientific research and technological innovations. The units are capable of fulfilling even the most demanding needs of modern-day panoramic dental imaging. Open patient positioning The open-face architecture of Planmeca ProMax offers an unrestricted view that helps you position patients accurately. This can be done either using the unit’s autofocus feature or manually, with a triple laser beam system accurately indicating the correct anatomical alignment points. User-friendly control panel With an interface that guides users through their work, Planmeca ProMax 2D panoramic dental imaging units always support a smooth imaging experience. Pre-programmed sites and exposure values for different image types and targets both save time and allow you to fully focus on your patients. Adjustable focal layer Developed based on scientific research, the imaging geometry matches the shape of the focal layer with the patient’s anatomy – resulting in clear panoramic images. Simply select the shape of the focal layer from the graphical user interface according to the size and shape of the patient’s jaw. Automatically adjusted exposure values Our unique digital Dynamic Exposure Control (DEC) feature automatically adjusts the exposure values for each individual patient based on their anatomic structure and bone density. DEC improves the quality of both panoramic and cephalometric images with more consistent brightness and contrast. Robotic arm technology Due to patented SCARA technology, our Planmeca ProMax units can produce all the required movements for rotational maxillofacial imaging. The Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm guarantees an anatomically accurate imaging geometry – resulting in clear and error-free images. Extensive imaging programs Planmeca ProMax 2D units offer the widest variety of imaging programs. Various panoramic dental imaging programs are available, as well as options for TMJ, sinus and tomographic imaging. The units also have a child mode that allows imaging at lower doses by reducing the imaging area and exposure values. Fully upgradable from 2D to 3D Planmeca ProMax 2D panoramic dental imaging units have been designed with upgradeability in mind. Their modular structure allows easy conversion to different imaging modalities. Whether you are upgrading your 2D unit to 3D or adding a cephalometric arm, Planmeca has the right solution for you.