Tethys HMD

Thanks to the new HMD, Tethys H10 is now also a handpiece thermal disinfector. This latest accessory makes it possible to wash, thermally disinfect and dry up to 6 instruments (turbines or micromotor handpieces) simultaneously. The HMD is compatible with all Tethys H10, including those that have already been installed. All the user has to do is update the firmware to make the thermal disinfector more complete than ever. The support can easily be assembled and removed; this allows use of a traditional basket and ensures the Tethys H10 can still perform its original function as an ultrasound thermal disinfector. With the new handpiece cycle and the dedicated support, a cycle can be completed in just 34 minutes. This cycle consists of: Washing (no ultrasound),Thermal disinfection, Drying. Thermal disinfection effectiveness on external surfaces has been verified as per EN15883-1 and EN15883-2.