Ceramill® Motion DRS

The Ceramill Motion DRS is able to provide a stable of option of fabricating small restorations due to its provided cohesion between the Ceramill Motion DRS milling unit and its design software.

Offers immediate results within single session of procedure. For an increase in both comfort and efficiency, both water tank and compressor are integrated into the machine, thus requiring one power source.

The integrated SD card lets the machine work independently of the scanning and design process. This means that the next patient can already be scanned during milling.

Process safety in daily work and the quality of the final restoration are of the highest priority. All materials that can be processed with the Ceramill Motion DRS, including the corresponding tools and milling strategies from Amann Girrbach, have been validated together with the respective material partner.

| 66kg | 490 x 580 x 580mm | POA |