The new instrument panel can be used to manage the unit’s operation modes and the parameters of each instrument, adapting them to the operator’s needs:

  • the lightweight, compact i-MMr micromotor can be set to reach speeds between 100
    and 40,000 rpm.
  • the scaler is adjustable to maximum power allowing the operator to find a good balance between fast scaling times and a good level of comfort for the patient.
  • all information relating to the instrument settings is displayed on the alphanumeric display.

The dentist’s modules, in the Continental and International versions, are ergonomically designed and user-friendly. Instruments for every need, from lightweight, ergonomic micromotors to the thin-tip HD video camera with touch key for easier use of the freeze-frame function.

The operator manages, through the console, the operation modes and parameters of each instrument, adapting them to their own clinical requirements. The optional sixth instrument application allows a video camera or curing light to be added.