50 cycles with 5 liters of mains water We developed the first closed-loop sterilizer that uses mains water through a specific internal filtration system that recycles water to be reused in the following cycles. This performance eliminates waste, reduces costs and ensures a significant increase in the efficiency of any modern dentistry surgery. It also solves all issues relating to demineralized water storage and supply. The nano-ceramic recirculation filter, incorporated into the secondary tank, makes it possible to distil and purify water so that it can be reused in the following sterilization cycle. The built-in conductivity sensor ensures compliance with water quality parameters as it protects the machine internal components from excess lime. Total consumption is 5 liters per 50 cycles, meaning approx. 100 ml/cycle, a real revolution. The size of the display, its performance and the research carried out to develop the user interface make the sterilizer simple and ready-to-use. Video tutorials and light indicators turn it into a unique sterilizer. Through its color display, A Platinum provides video tutorials and important information for using and maintaining the machine. Everything is explained in simple videos: from information about load positioning to instructions for filter replacement. A personal assistant providing support to all operators.